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Welcome to The Clown Farm

***An Important Note Regarding Summer 2013***

Greetings from The MCCP (formerly The Clown Farm)

This is a quick note to anyone interested in courses at The Farm this summer. We are building the new studio but it will most likely not be ready for us to use until mid-July. This has caused us to have a shortened season this year so we've had to postpone Performing the Body with Lin Snelling, Body Wilderness with Fiona Griffiths, and Actor/Clown with Christopher Brauer. These courses have been postponed until the summer of 2014.

The final schedule for this summer is:

1. Mask and Clown Intensive (Baby Clown) with John Turner: Jul 20-Aug 4
2. Boot Camp 1 with John Turner: Aug 6-Aug 10
3. Joey and Auguste with Michael Kennard and John Turner: Aug 12 - Aug 17
4. Neo Bouffon with Karen Hines: Aug 19-Aug 23
5. Advanced Boot Camp with John Turner: Aug 24-Aug 30

It should also be noted that there is a chance that The Mask and Clown Intensive will be offered a second time if the first one becomes full early on. This would take place towards the end of August and into the first week of September. This decision will not take place until after the first Intensive class is full. If you can't do the first class dates but want to apply for this potential second class, please make note of your preference for the August dates in your application.

All classes are filling so applications should be sent in soon. More information can be found on the Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance (MCCP) website:

I appreciate your patience and your understanding during this time of growth and change. Have a wonderful Spring and Summer.

Yours always,

John Turner
Artistic Director - The Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance
(formerly The Clown Farm)
Co-Artistic Director - Mump & Smoot

The Clown Farm is the labour of love of John Turner, Canadian clown extraordinaire of Mump & Smoot fame.

Situated in the heart of glorious Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada, The Clown Farm is surrounded by rolling fields, gentle forests and tranquil inland lakes. Students come from around the globe to explore the worlds of their creativity. Here they find an ideal setting for training that can be applied on a personal or professional level. While the inspiration for the work is primarily on the development and growth of the artist, students at the introductory level come from all walks of life (teachers, musicians, professors, doctors, carpenters etcetera). The aspiring or established artist will also find strong focus on the creation and/or performance of professional works.